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We started Circle Kombucha to bring healthier beverage choices to the Midwest.  The Founders combined their expertise in manufacturing, fermentation science, and distribution to embark on the Feel Good movement.  The team consists of diverse & talented individuals who have propelled the movement forward to bring you the finest kombucha on the market


Find Balance. Feel Good.

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Hiring Hoosiers – Entrepreneur’s small business sees big success in the Circle City and expanding company, staff

Circle City Kombucha July 24, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS — It is a brand seen in Central Indiana since 2015, but now, Circle, a beverage company, is seeing the success of years...

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Local company seeks to make Midwestern fans of kombucha, which is trendy on coasts

Circle City Kombucha July 10, 2019

Indianapolis-based beverage maker Circle Kombucha wants to sell its signature product—carbonated, fermented tea—throughout the Midwest. There’s just one hitch: While kombucha (pronounced kumBOOcha, it’s...

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